Storytime with Anne - Avie's Sunflower!

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You are the Master Chef. You are the Playtime Queen/King. You are the Hero at home.

Decorating windows with rainbows, having picnics outside, working from home, learning new recipes, spring cleaning and house projects, all of these activities have helped through this time of uncertainty. But some days are simply this…taking each day a moment at a time.

Though we may be miles apart in this time of uncertainty, I want to give you a moment to catch your breath and gather your family around for Storytime with Anne. Simply be for just a moment. I want to introduce you to my friend, “Avie.” She is a little girl with a spectacular imagination who likes to find household items and objects from her backyard and create a new world with what others might have overlooked. Avie’s goal is to explore, learn new things and to share her joy with the world around her. (Have storytime together by visiting the link below!)

After storytime, I want to challenge you to go on a mini adventure with your family and to search for household and backyard items that can be transformed with your imagination! You will be amazed by the new worlds you will discover! As we continue to move forward day-by-day, let’s seek the silver-linings and celebrate the small victories each day…beginning with family storytime.


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