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Small business owners, we each have a personal creative style and have created a mark/brand with our creative business. Just as we have a strong presence with our creative side, we also have our own personal style with organization and business strategy.  

Who knew that the trend of hashtags, acronyms, and using the pattern of letters, is one way I would learn to organize and plan my week for running a small business. For example, "Woman Crush Wednesday, #WCW," whereas I created, "Website Wednesday." I have assigned each day of the week with a different catchphrase to help motivate my work week and keep me on track with design projects and the details of running a small business. 


*Tip* Always start your week with a fun project, put the projects that you may not be looking forward to quite as much in the middle, if possible add a fun project in the smack middle of your week (it helps rejuvenate), and conclude your week with a fun project. Think of your work week like a white picket fence. You need "posts" to support you. Fun at the beginning, middle, and end. This helps keep you refreshed and helps prevent getting burnt out quickly.

Make it Monday:
This is my day for a big cup of coffee, brainstorming, mailing orders, and starting my day with a fun project.

Talk & Task Tuesday: 
If you are behind with communication, take the time to catch up on emails, phone calls, etc. Talk business. What nitty-gritty tasks do you need to accomplish to be successful? 

Website Wednesday:
Work on your website! Update projects, products, blog, and focus on your online presence. 

Tax & Task Thursday:
Again, take the time to focus on the business aspects of your business. You are almost to Friday! Check that list off.

FriYAY Friday:
Fill your Friday with FUN projects to reward yourself! Whatever you qualify as fun projects, save it for Friday so you can end your day with a great big, "YAY!"

Strategize Saturday & Sunday:
We small business owners know that there is never truly a break with running a business; we are always thinking about the next step. During the weekend be sure to allow your imagination to flow. Strategize, brainstorm, stay creative; but allow yourself to have a weekend! (This is the trick.) I know I work 7 days a week, and rarely allow myself a break. Take a small road trip, walk around the local farmers market, meet small business owners, make community! This is an easy, fun way to strategize and think business throughout the weekend but also yourself to re-energize. 

How do YOU plan your week? What tricks have you learned for you and your business? 


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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

    atfqptijti on
  • Yes! I need to start my weeks with more fun projects!

    To and Fro on
  • I LOVE seeing how others organize their week. I really like this set up you have shared. I may need to adopt it myself.

    Desirae on
  • Great ideas :)

    Nicole on

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