American Made Finalist

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Anne Green Design has been selected by Martha Stewart and her panel of judges as a Crafts Finalist for the 2015 Martha Stewart American Made Competition! 

“American Made” evokes great pride for my country and inspires my design work. To be original in my life and career is foundational to being "American Made.”As the founder and designer of my own business, I have realized the importance of the small business community. We rely on one another, networking with each other, using our unique talents, building an American Age of dreamers and doers. I am encouraged to be brave, take risks, study, learn, create, build, fail, brush myself off, get back up, try again, and in the process, encourage those around me who are in need of inspiration. This is why I am American Made.

Please look at the Finalists for the 2015 Martha Stewart American Made Competition and learn more about the incredible businesses who are also finalists! Voting opens September 21st and is open through October 19th. 

Thank you for your support and votes!

Anne Green

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